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For foreign investors looking for freedom and flexibility to live and work in the United States in a way accommodating to their lifestyles, we recommend an EB-5 Regional Center program. A Regional Center program advantageously removes the 10 employee requirement of a Regular program and substitutes the less-restrictive “indirect employment creation,” which allows the investor to qualify for permanent residency in the United States without hiring 10 people into the invested company. Under a Regional Center program, the investor can instead qualify by presenting evidence that 10 jobs will be created throughout the Regional Center economy, typically supported by an economist’s report. Even a limited partner may still qualify.

Another advantage is that an investor is not required to live in Florida, but rather may live wherever he/she wishes in the United States. So while our planned EB-5 Regional Center is one of only two in Florida, investors may choose to reside anywhere in the US.

Our Regional Center’s investment strategy will concentrate on the acquisition of real estate backed businesses. We distinguish ourselves from other venture capital funds in providing a source of jobs for immigrant investors by funding employment based businesses which can be combined with attractive real estate assets. We also provide a vehicle for investing in companies to allow immigrant investors eligibility under the INS Pilot Project which relaxes the job requirements and takes advantage of management’s business contacts.

In addition, Palm Beach Investment and Finance is able to offer regular investor services to those interested in pursuing immigrant investment benefits available to individuals.